Dan Energy Research and Development is an innovative private limited company uniquely formed as a business organization to engage primarily in renewable energy development and electromechanical installation, with a vision of expanding in high scale construction, development of industrial parks and real estate, hotels & restaurants, manufacturing, information technology, artificial intelligence and agri-business, etc.

Prior to its re-formation under the name Dan Research and Development Plc, the company has been engaged in electromechanical installation, metal fabrication and various equipment maintenance work in different sectors.

Company Vision, Mission and Values


Aspire to be the leading innovative company, driven by technology, in the renewable energy sector as well as other businesses it envisages to establish.


Serving and improving the life of humankind through availing innovative and affordable renewable energy and other products in partnership with our global partners.


Dan Energy Ethiopia is a company built around shared values which are; Trust, Integrity, Team Spirit, Commitment and Innovation to realize its vision.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to play major role in the development of our country in the aforementioned sectors by partnering with renowned world class companies.  At the moment we are focusing on renewable energy and electromechanical works and gradually we will get engaged in other sectors with international standards and local competence.