Security 4.0

In the uncertain world that we all live in, the security of properties from intruders is paramount importance. de Security 4.0 is partnering with leading companies specialized in integrated security system solutions for the protection of personal properties, critical infrastructures and other vulnerable sites with remote command and control features. The services we offer are;

  • Consulting
  • Design
  • Integration
  • Project Management & Supervision
  • Installation
  • Support and Training

We use various type of innovative sensors, integrated CCTV video systems, access control hardware, etc. for intrusion detection system with a unified command and control platform.

Start Ups

de Start Ups is established to encourage young innovators to realize their dreams into a successful startup business. de Start Ups works with people who have business ideas but doesn’t have the facility and capacity to develop them. Our company avails the infrastructure, such as office space, internet, communication facilities, etc. to the people to incubate their ideas.

If the business case is feasible, financial assistance will be availed to develop the prototype jointly. Once the prototype is produced and found to be successful, de Start Ups will invest for mass production or delivery, in case of services, with pre-agreed terms and conditions.

We are focused on innovative high-tech ideas that improve the life and well-being of humankind.


de Infrastructure is a business unit that is established to develop conceptual infrastructural projects and recommend to public and private institutes for development. The projects are mostly mega in nature which are expected to bring breakthrough in the socio-economic situation of the country. The projects are mainly inspired by cutting edge technologies and developed by well-known think thanks in the industry.

de Infrastructure also serves as a platform to bring the investment arms of institutions and project concept developers together for a common goal.

de Engineering  

de Engineering is the core of our company. Comprised of young and vibrant engineers from various disciplines, itconducts different kinds of research and development works in areas that the company engaged itself. The team handles projects from concept development to design, prototype manufacturing and verification supported by the inhouse technical workshop. Typical example is the Solar Home System developed by the team.

de Engineering is available to serve our esteemed customers should they need engineering services in its area of specialty. 


Despite being one of the countries in the world with big agricultural produce potential, Ethiopia, does not produce sufficient food for its own people. The gap in the food supply chain is filled through import by spending the hard-earned foreign currency of the country. In addition, most of the agricultural products are being exported with minimal or no value addition. Recognizing this challenge, de Agri–tech is established to enhance productivity in the agricultural sector as well as engaging itself in value addition projects in the export market.

de Agri–tech will not be involved in owning its own farms but will support the industry through availing cutting edge technologies by partnering with leading companies in the world.

de Agri–tech has a plan to open its own factories to produce value added agricultural products and join the export market.


Ethiopia, a country with different natural resource, is one of the world’s great sources of renewable energies. Currently, the main source of energy is hydro power (89%), followed by wind (8%) and geothermal (3%). de Energy is therefore established with the aim of exploring the renewable energy sources with great depth and width.  The main areas of its engagements are solar power, wind farms, geothermal exploration and hydro power generation.

Solar Energy

In the solar power generation sector, de Energy is engaged in the development of off-grid and on-grid solutions. Both solutions are provided in-partnership with world renowned international companies in the field.

The off-grid solution is best for isolated areas where building the infrastructure to connect to the main grid line is not economical. The off-grid solution is used in rural and isolated areas such as, remote rural villages, mining and construction sites, refugee camps, remote tourist attraction sites, etc.

The on-grid solution is a solar power generation and supply system tied to the national grid. The excess generated power can be fed to the national grid and generate additional income to the household or offset the energy bill charged by the utility company. The system, however, can be used, less feeding to the grid, to power residential houses, factories /manufacturing units, universities, data centers, hotels, apartments and mixed-use buildings, construction sites, agricultural farming sites, industrial parks, etc. Coupled with power bank, the system can be used as a source of energy round the clock.

de Energy is developing its own Solar House System to provide lighting for the rural households.

Wind Energy

The wind energy exploration in our country is on an infant stage and given the power demand of the country there is a lot to be done. de Energy is ready to work with international companies specialized in the field.


Studies indicate that the Great Rift Valley that passes through the southern part of Ethiopia has huge potential of geothermal power generation. de Energy is currently seeking partner companies to explore and exploit this potential for the development of our country.


There are many dams under construction for power generation in Ethiopia and more are in the pipe line. de Energy is getting itself ready to in the sector as part of its strategy.

In addition to the aforementioned areas of engagement, de energy, led by its CEO is developing its own power generation machine prototype which will be unveiled soon.

Defense 4.0.

de Defense4.0   is a new addition which is under establishment. The main objective of this business unit will be to introduce new technologies, concepts, know how etc. in Air, Land, Naval and Cyber defense through special partnership with international companies that have the expertise.

de Digital         

We all live in a digital world where our day to day life is impacted by digital technologies more and more. Digital technology is evolving very quickly and companies have to use these technologies to unlock growth and be successful in their endeavor. de Digital Technologies is therefore established to help our customers in utilizing the latest technologies in Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, Block Chain etc.

de Digital Technologies will be working with international renowned companies in the field to tap the immense business opportunities in this part of the world.