Daniel Hailu

Founder and CEO

Daniel is the Founder & CEO of Dan Energy Research and Development Plc. He has extensive background in Electro Mechanical works design and Installation. Prior to establishing Dan Energy Research and Development company, he used to own and run an electromechanical installation company which has accomplished various installations and commissioning of projects in Ethiopia.

Dereje Kebede

Deputy CEO

Dereje is the Deputy CEO. He is a holder of BSC degree in Civil Engineering from Arbaminch University. Prior to joining Dan Energy Research and Development Plc, he has worked for more than 14 years as project Engineer and project manager on various mega infrastructure projects including real estate development projects, highway and expressway construction projects, bridge construction projects, etc.

Kalkidan Hailemariam

Legal Council

Kalkidan is a Senior Attorney. She holds LLB and LLM in law from Gondar University. Prior to joining Dan Energy Research and Development Plc, she has worked for more than 10 years as senior legal officer and attorney in various public and private institutions including Tax Office of Revenue and Customs Authority, Federal Attorney General Office, Repi Wilmar S.C, etc. and also as a legal advisor of various NGOs.

Bekelu Shiferaw

Head, Finance Department

Bekelu is Finance Department Head. She holds BA degree in Accounting from Addis Ababa University. She has more than 20 years of vast experience as Finance manager, Chief Accountant, Senior Accountant and Treasury/Accounting officer in various institutions, international and local organizations including UNDPO, UDSS, ILRI, Ethiopian Tourist Trading Enterprise, etc.

Solomon Gizaw

Head, HR and Administration Department

Solomon is Corporate HR and Administration Department Head. He holds BA degree in Management and Public Administration from Addis Ababa University and has more than 12 years extensive work experience in Administration and Finance, Human Resource Management, Change Management, Facility Management, logistics, etc.

Engineering Team

The engineering Department is composed of engineers from various disciplines. The current team consists of;

  • Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Industrial Engineers

Depending upon the size and type of the projects we are handling, the number and mix may vary.